Why China Relishes the Idea of a Digital Currency

One very important aspect and a key reason for this idea is the control USD has over the world economy. It would make sense to argue that even the euro to some extent lacks monetary sovereignty as the USD is the de-facto currency of trade and the USA holds major power over the supposedly neutral

The Agricultural Value Chain, Challenges and Digital Opportunities in Nigeria

The agricultural value chain in Nigeria even though highly underdeveloped is estimated to be worth $85 billion. Africa holds 60% of uncultivated arable land in the world and 13% is in Nigeria, with 82 million hectares of arable land, and so far, only 34 million hectares have been cultivated. Agriculture was the mainstay of Nigeria’s

Belief Box

Outside the box of usual criticisms, terrible ways of pointing out only the wrongs we’ve done, goals we’ve failed to achieve, and times we are talked about by others with so much scorn, we long to hear the good we have done or the potentials that lie within us even in our short-comings. Much as

Jump starting a market place — “The Chicken and Egg Problem”

Several schools of thought have their own definition or view of the “chicken and egg problem”. Some school of thought believes that the easiest way to jump-start a marketplace is to grow the supply side first, while some below the reverse are the case. Well for me, I believe it’s relative to the market you

Twelve Pillars of Africa’s Future Success

Sub-Sahara Africa is experiencing strong and sustainable economic growth, favorable demographics, rapid urbanization, increased foreign direct investment, and an expanding urban middle class with a strong propensity to spend. At the same time, economies are becoming more active in harnessing their natural resources while growing other sectors including manufacturing, technology, telecoms, financial and business services,

Callback & Promises: A basic Introduction

Understanding the concepts of Callbacks and Promises can be rather confusing sometimes, especially when you are hardly a hardcore Javascript developer or new to it. In another case, If you are working as Node.js developer or want to start a career as one then you should know the difference between callback and promise. In this

Perception of Innovation, and what it should be for budding Entrepreneurs in Africa

Many a time I have observed that when people talk about innovation in this parts, often times they think about the technical aspects of it, like software architecture, server choice, what platform to build for (iOS, Android or web) and other concerns that have to do with the technicalities involved in building the product. While

Blockchain and it’s Potential in Africa

There are plenty of problems that need solving in Africa. These problems potentially can also be solved with a few key principles that are inherent to the blockchain, such as transparency, and decentralization. From elections to international remittance, as well as energy services and alternatives to banking; Africa has many broken systems that could be

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