Outside the box of usual criticisms, terrible ways of pointing out only the wrongs we’ve done, goals we’ve failed to achieve, and times we are talked about by others with so much scorn, we long to hear the good we have done or the potentials that lie within us even in our short-comings. Much as we long for this, they often seem far-fetched, and even when they do come forth, we tend to doubt its sincerity.

What if we had a “belief box” maybe, someone, a supernatural force, or an entity that observes and pays attention to our efforts, an entity who tirelessly takes note of our little achievements and reminds us of them just like the jingles on the radio serve as reminders about products or services in us. This belief box can also help as reminders for us about the things we previously excelled at, difficult obstacles we surmounted, and serve as a refreshing point were we can draw and reach out for inspiration to continue.

With such in place or available, we can seek inspiration for self-acceptance, a permeating feeling of a renaissance when we are down with the sense of ineptitude.

But it all still bounces back to this belief box genuinely speaking from the potentials they see in you or make you see in yourself, despite the number of times you fail and begin to lose the sense of belief in yourself. If this belief box were to be human, then its words would come valuable and make us ensconced.

We all need a belief box; you could be your own or someone else’s belief box if you will always persevere and remind them of the times they’ve tried and come out victorious.


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    I like the write up, in the sense of the direction wherein it is coming from. I like the title “belief box”. If anything, it does point out or confer that belief ought to be dependent on personal factors or choices, that should not be influenced by anything external. I suppose essentially the “belief box” is kind of like a deity factor but we don’t get to have our deity factor picked out for us, we essentially could choose it. And then what if it could talk back? What if it could tell us – well done? It’s an exciting thought.

    More realistically tho’, I think the belief box exists, minus the box but that’s a whole nother factor in its own. Belief itself is genuinely a terrifyingly strong thing.

    Wonderful write up Aurora. 7/10.
    Keep at it.

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      Enyioma Chris Reply

      Wow!! First time I’m reading your write-up and I’m so impressed..
      More of this dearie…
      Thumbs up……

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    Pecu Praiz Reply

    This is really great. I love the concept and I hope greater ideas comes to your mind.
    You are lifted..

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    Ejike Rejoice Reply

    I really wish for this belief box to come real, because it could serve as an inspiration when one seems not to see an good oneself and lots more
    Nice one Emelda Geny💖
    Keep it up 🤗

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    I like the creative concept.. the idea of belief box, using that to represent something of value.. keep it up..

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    Okechukwu jeffery Reply

    If I may give my instances from the book”think big” by Ben Carson.Ben by his fifth grade was the dumbest in class.His mother knew this,but what did she say to him?.she said “Ben you’re just not living up to your potential,you can do better” she scolded him most a times but would always end up saying “Ben you’re smart,you can do anything you want to do”. a motivational word.To cut the story short Ben ended up becoming one of (if not) the most cherished neurosurgeon in Hopkins hospital(USA).The point am trying to contribute here is that in my own opinion I don’t think a” beliefbox” that constantly reminds us of our effort and little achievements is all we need.the reason is that it can actually make us rely on those little efforts and not strive to perform more.for me the combination of those criticisms and the belief box is very much welcomed.Ben couldn’t have made it that far if he never welcomed both.He confessed to it.I like the write up its an engaging one

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